This application is designed to help you calculate the price of a pension plan and visualize the coverage of different plans.

It is designed to be used together with a pension advisor / borker, who can assist you optimizing your future earnings and retirement plan.

How are the pension plans calculated

The Danish pension system has three different kinds of pensions:

  • Statutory pensions
  • Labour market pensions
  • Individual pensions

Statutory pensions are funded by the state and are provided to residents of Denmark. They consisnt on a basic amount and a supplement amount, which depends on your income.

Labour market pensions are funded by your employer and are provided to you as a benefit of your employment.

Individual pensions are funded by you and are meant to complement the other plans.

There are many different types of pension plans, but they all have one thing in common: they are all designed to help you save for retirement. The amount of money you will receive from your pension plan depends on several factors, including your age, your income, and the type of pension plan you have.

The final total amount will depend on the type of pension plan you have, your age, your income, and the amount of money you have saved, the specific formulas and data can vary from year to year, and at the time is only partially documented in this application.



2023-09-12 - Refactored loggin


2023-06-06 - Minor changes and corrections


2023-05-23 - Dashboard firts stable release 🎉 🥳


Once you are a user of the application, you will be able to log in with your email and password. If you are using Salesforce as a CRM / database, then the authetication will be delegated to their platfom, so you will need to use your Salesforce mail and password. On top of that you will need to add a security token provided by salesforce.

For example if your password is "password" and your security token is "token" then your password wil be "passwordtoken"

Current Data

Default data used in the application

	  "Udbetalt v.": 0.011,
	  "Præmiefritagelse": 0.02,
	  "Ressourceforløbsydelse": 700,
	  "Død": 0.0011,
	  "Kritisk Sygdom": 557.52,
	  "Invalidesum": 176,
	  "Børnepension": 0.0007,
	  "Kritisk Sygdom Børn": 82.92,
	  "Sundhedsforsikring": 2000,
	  "Præmieomkostning": 0.02
	  "lossOfWorkAbility": 0.2,
	  "invalidity": 60,
	  "lifeInsurance": 1,
	  "criticalDecease": 100000,
	  "criticalDeceaseChildren": 0,
	  "lifeInsuranceChildrenE": 0,
	  "lifeInsuranceChildrenG": 0

DK Pension Dashboard

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